Friday, 29 August 2014

Red Riding Weather Girl







Shot By - RavKDesigns
There exists no such phenomenon that excites me more than the weather. Weather is not something that exists naturally or subconsciously for me. For me every season and its variations are somewhere symbolic to all those moments and memories that have shaped my life so far and dreams held for the future. Weather to me a that guide that reminds me of where I was, the lessons I've learnt and where I want and will be. Needless to include all dressing choices. As kids we all had a thing. The usual thing which you 'present' in front of your family and extended family, the thing where you are in the spotlight and made to showcase your 'talents'. Yes, that thing! So, being the weather girl was mine. This perhaps justifies my fixation with the weather. And, by the way if you didn't really have that 'thing' you've missed a lot in the quintessential Indian childhood.
This post is reflective of the same. We started shooting this look on one such humid, sunny day. So bad that we shot a few pictures and then decided to give up on the day. Said too soon maybe, and within minutes a sea of clouds appeared from nowhere and it became pleasantly windy and before we knew we were drenched. Point here, if you've never had to a moment getting soaked in the rain, hustling to get to a dry spot...really where do you live?
Although my colour palette too is very weather defined, but like I've said before red is a forever exception. A dress encapsulating a boho vibe mixed with the old school block heels and minimum jewellery were perfect to embrace the sun, swirl the wind and swipe through the rain. What say you?

Wearing -

Dress - Forever 21 (similar)
Sandals - Vintage Store (here)
Fedora - Front Row Shop
Jewellery - Assorted

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  1. Great looking dress.

  2. nice look ; -)


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  3. You look lovely Agam...... Love the pretty red dress.

  4. Wonderful dress, love that red colour!

    Hugs from Athens :)