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TrimmingsAndLace : My 6 Must-Have Foundations

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For the longest time ever I have believed and accepted on the blog, that my make-up knowledge is a result of tests and trials and much of it had been borrowed. It took me quiet a while to come up with this post and to claim that this piece of writing comes out of experience. My own wedding and my real sister's, probably two optimum occasions for me to "experiment". None the less, being a regular in my make-up bag for over three years now, with an increased rate of application, I can affirm that my views can be borrowed. Without much delay, let us begin!

Disclaimer - I won't be delving into the different skin type details, because these are formulas that work best for my skin. I have a combination skin and I am typically oily around my T-zone. My skin is also very sensitive, is prone to acne and isn't blemish free.

M.A.C Face and Body (I'm in the shade - N1)

This product has been my maiden major make-up buy. M.A.C Face and Body has been a timeless, patented classic and a must-have for all prominent make-up artists. It took me about two empty bottles to finally purchase the shade that suits me right. Since the foundation is water based, it is a little runny but is quite hydrating on the skin. It provides a light to medium coverage, which can be built depending upon your preference. As M.A.C claims, it is meant to provide a natural, even and a luminous appearance to your skin and indeed does so. However, since it is a light-weight formula, it does little to conceal any under-eye patches or blemishes, but smoothens the skin to impart a healthy glow. Because of the very same, when I do wear make-up I do not reach out for this product because I do want to conceal my problem areas. Which is why, I largely use it on my legs and arms especially when I am filming videos. What I absolutely love about this product is the fact that it is super long-lasting and doesn't come off on the clothes at all. This is a major sell-out for me, and hence a part of my must-have!

M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation (I'm in the shade - NC 20)

If I have to qualify and put something in the "Can't do without" bracket, this product would be it. I absolutely love it. I am very minimal when it comes to make-up, and my everyday work make-up (excluding shoots, events and important meetings) simply involves a swipe of this wonder product. To begin with, M.A.C Studio Fix is an amazing combination of both a foundation as well as a powder. It is highly refined in texture which is why it is almost unnoticeable on the skin, leaving enough room for the skin to breathe. It imparts a velvety feel to the skin, gives a matte finish and is amazingly long-lasting. The foundation can definitely be built up, but if you are someone who prefers a full coverage, I would suggest that you use it on top of your regular liquid foundation. I resort to this step only when I am shooting and it works perfectly for touch-ups as well. If you are a make-up beginner, this product is a must-buy simply because its an all-in-one kinda thing!

M.A.C Mineralize SkinFinish Natural (I'm in the shade - MEDIUM)

I picked up this product, before my wedding, while I was on a look-out for a setting powder and boy do I love it or what! M.A.C Mineralize SkinFinish Natural is a range of baked, mineral pressed powders largely meant to be used as a setting agent for your make-up. True to its claims, it works perfectly. More so because, it feels so light, breathable and natural on the skin. This product has been my perfect bet during the rainy, humid weather as it works brilliantly to control oil and saves you from that oily sheen. Basis the same, you do have an option to use it simply over your regular moisturizer, however, the product being sheer in texture it won't impart any coverage of sorts. It shall simply help in making your skin look smooth, semi-matte and dimensional. Its main role is that of a setting powder and it does so wonderfully. So much so, I have to admit that I feel incomplete without it. I use it over my SPF, over all the products mentioned in this post and for any touch-ups during the day. I think I've made my point!

CHANEL Vitalumière Aqua (I'm in the shade - 20 Beige)

I could actually find myself gushing at the thought of CHANEL Vitalumière Aqua because it is magical. It is smooth, has an ultra fine texture and sits perfectly on the skin. It lends a very dewy, healthy from within, fresh rosy glow to the skin which for me is the perfect rendition of the French skin. It smells divine and an absolute sell-out for me is that it has an SPF of 15. This ones again a water based formula and requires a good shake before you use it. For me it works best when applied with fingers. Claimed to provide light to medium coverage, for me personally, it works as a full coverage formula concealing blemishes and/or other problem areas. Because of its refined texture, this foundation also is light reflective and hence works perfectly for occasions where you are likely to be photographed. An added bonus in that scenario is that it is extremely long-lasting. However, it does transfer on to clothes which is why setting it with a powder becomes necessary.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Creme (I'm in the shade - 32 Beige Clair Light Beige)

So, if you are following me on Snapchat you'll be familiar with me reviewing products and/or giving a break-down of my make-up looks. I happened to review the Bourjois CC Creme last year, and my first words were that this product is the budget friendly version of CHANEL Vitalumière Aqua. I picked up this product primarily because Lisa Eldridge had raved so much about it on her channel. Also, because I was on a look-out for a more "everyday" product and keep aside my premium buys for special occasions alone. As the name suggests, this product is a combination of colour correcting pigments and a moisturizing creme. I was in denial of the whole colour correction fad and the whole idea of a green, red or an orange product targeted towards different skin concerns. However, after using this product I can second that it does something to address these concerns. Is that the coloured pigments or the basic formula in itself, but yes it does work. With an SPF of 15, for me this product works as a second layer of hydration and protection on the skin. It provides a light, sheer coverage and adds a healthy glow and luminosity to the skin. For me, its best applied with fingers and with a swish of M.A.C's SkinFinish I'm good to go. If someone was to ask me what is my everyday make-up routine, majorly, it would be these two products used together. If you suffer from acne, the green pigments work perfectly to conceal any redness. I also have a feeling that when I use it on top of any angry pimple, it helps reduce the inflammation as well. Lastly, for its price it definitely is a grab! 

Make-Up Forever HD Foundation (I'm in the shade - N125)

Once again, I picked up this product after seeing Lisa Eldridge's videos that seconded the claim that the product has been designed for the more extreme details of today's ultra high definition technology. Since, I had decided to do my own make-up for all minor wedding functions of mine, plus I had a professional need as well, to put it straight I had to buy it. And once again, totally worth the spurge. This foundation is an oil-free, SPF free formula and is nearly invisible to the HD cameras and the naked eye alike. It provides a medium to full range coverage, rendering a very even, smooth and radiant canvas to the skin. However, it sets a little too early on the skin so you need to be quick and work your way around it. Also, it oxidizes after a couple of hours and on me gives a very sun-kissed, tanned kinda look which works brilliantly (If I may say so) in photographs. Because this foundation sets so well, the need of a setting powder is marginally reduced. I do like to brush it over my T-zone though. The product is a little on the costlier side, but a little goes a long way which makes it totally worth the amount spent. So, if you are a bride-to-be or in a profession that requires you to be in front of the camera, Make-Up Forever HD Foundation is an absolute holy grail. 

Would just like to quickly add in here that none of these products broke me out or caused any kind of irritation to the skin. So if these are your concerns in any way, be rest assured. I hope this post was helpful and would love to know your views on the same!

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