Thursday, 14 January 2016

2016 : I Owe It To You

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Shot By - Sahil Nanda

As each year comes to an end, it is inherently natural to reflect back on the journey so far and visualize what lies ahead. I am someone who has always had a mental to-do-this-year list but has never affirmed myself to any resolutions. That is largely because I feel much of the adventure called life is lost when you confine it to rules and game plans. I am also someone whose list this year isn't as fancy or decorative to write home about - to travel more, to build an empire, to look my best - you get the drill. And that's also because the year is commencing with a positively life altering phase and that's "getting married." I am in all honesty at a loss of words to describe my feelings but all I can say is that I am so ready and excited to witness and experience the many valuable moments, experiences, lessons and a holistic growth this phase will bring for me, both personally and professionally. 

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Like each of us who blogs, TrimmingsAndLace has been a personal diary of mine, a memoir that has captured the mood behind every post, the story behind each shoot and the general stage of life I was in. It might have been concealed by the words published but the memories of it are stronger and shall always be. Like a faithful book, it has helped me explore fashion ideas, concepts and ideologies like never before. By way of connecting and following such brilliant other blogs, it has made me strive and share a passion with such creative forces and influencers. By being a participant in their journey, I have seen their city through their eyes and have been utterly inspired by their thoughts and ideas. It is through this channel, that I could dream of being someone and have received a conscience resonance of an identity. None of this, would have been possible without each one of you who has shared my journey, become my virtual well wishers, stopped by my posts, commented, shared or even told me if it wasn't good enough. Each of you has contributed in making me who I am as a person today - be that in a professional role, the role of a daughter, sister, friend and now the role of a soon-to-be wife. The journey is just getting started, so do stick around as we explore and make it grand. 

Wearing - 
Turtle-Neck - ZARA
Poncho - ZARA (old)
Skirt - Levis (here)
Stockings - Forever 21
Boots - ZARA

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