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Layering Essentials : Ten on Ten





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So it's been a while. Between the weather that forces you to stay stuck to your bed, blankets and coffee, and shuffling through the work and to-do-lists for the new year, I haven't really been able to put together my thoughts for the maiden post of 2015. The past few weeks and this unplanned sabbatical worked wonderfully for me since it gave me time and reason to sit back and be a spectator. Blogs, books, television, nature, stores, displays, architecture, shopping sites, makeup counters, virtual travel diaries and what not, I've been in a world of my own. And this really with a hope that all my thoughts and actions are channelized towards making TrimmingsAndLace an experience that you enjoy.

Unconsciously, winter does confine you to the monotone basics in terms of colour palette and all that layering and texture play does come at a cost of turning you into a human artichoke. But winter is also one season to do a wardrobe rain-check and stock yourself with essentials that can easily take you one season after another and prove to be an investment you wouldn't regret. I've picked a quick list of essentials for you to take on winters and pile on fashionably.

1. The Perfect Trench - A trench/overcoat is literally my saviour for the winter season. Trust you me when I say that you can get away with wearing anything underneath, as long as you've polished and concealed your look with that quintessential overcoat. Need proof?

2. A Thick Cardigan - A thick, warm, long cardigan for me in an extension to the trench. Besides the fact that it is super warm and again gives you the leverage to be less fancy in what you wear underneath, I feel it looks ideal (in terms of length) with a pair of leggings. 

3. Leggings - Coloured, printed or leather, leggings for me are an absolute must have. I say a big no to jeans especially during winters, because denim by nature does very little to protect you from the chill. Leggings on the other hand, take your body shape and hence shields from the cold keeping you warm. And, if you are someone like me, you've also been wearing two pairs to fight the cold.

4. Turtle Necks - A turtle-neck T-shirt or a pullover is the ultimate winter ninja. For me, this piece in the wardrobe is something I can tuck myself in to stay clear of the cold. I would suggest investing in basic, simple silhouettes and colours since they can be styled and worn in multiple ways either as an outer layer or underneath another cardigan, blazer or a coat.

5. Wrap Scarf - Blanket scarves and belted scarves are a rage in the fashion circuit at the moment and rightly so. Remember that feeling of not letting go yet and wanting those extra two minutes (this could have been less dramatic though) in the blanket every morning, a good scarf lets you live in that feeling a good deal.

6. Flannel/Plaid Shirt - A flannel/plaid shirt is an extremely utilitarian wardrobe essential for all seasons. Wear it on its own or play peek-a-book under your layers, it helps create a print contrast like no other. Make sure you pick the one that fits like a dream. Pay extra attention to the length you choose.

7. A Sweater Dress - A sweater dress for me is a fancier version of the long cardigan. Bright stockings, boots, accessories - a stylish sweater dress is your call to be the Serena van der Woodsen.

8. Faux Fur - Having worn a faux fur cape here, I feel this indulgence shouldn't pinch. A faux fur cape, poncho or a scarf adds a great textural dimension to your outfit, looks highly classy and sophisticated and undoubtedly stylish. Did that pinch? No!

9. Parka - For me personally, a parka doesn't score full points when it comes to being on the higher end of being "fashionably stylish", but if you are looking for that one wardrobe essential which is your absolute must-go to bear the chill, this is it.

10. High Socks - From pajama nights to that hint of leg or adding another layer beneath your jeans or leggings, we girls have a trusted friend from our good old school days in knee-high socks. 

Wearing - 

Look 1

Cobalt Trench, Plaid Shirt - TrimmingsAndLace
Pullover - ZARA
Scarf - Marks&Spencer
Bag and Peep-toes - Mango
Trousers - Local Store

Look 2

Lace Moto Jacket - Mango
Sweatshirt - Gifted
Jeans - Levis
Pumps - Done By None (here)
Earrings - Gifted

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