Tuesday, 18 November 2014

TrimmingsAndLace For The Luxe Café



Over the past few years, the idea of 'luxury' and how you and me perceive it has evolved. The Indian consumer rests in a sea of resources and opportunities, powered by an untameable zeal to experience the greatest. Luxury in goods and services is no longer confined to the affection of the privileged. It rather lies with all those who have the courage to look beyond the obvious and seek the intricate details of life. What better can be to experience the grandeur and exclusivity of luxury at a click? Answering our prayers is the recently launched The Luxe Café that's all set to become India's leading online luxury lifestyle magazine.

When I was asked to take a tour of this well researched and conceptualized portal, I couldn't really imagine the experience and burst of information I was in for. The Luxe Café is fashioned as a virtual salon for the purveyors of luxurious living and has a distinct approach to sharing information and elite lifestyle choices. Experienced writers, artists and design specialists have curated content on fashion, food, decor, travel, leisure, motoring, gadgets, personas and ideas for connoisseurs of fine living. The chosen industry experts are working together to engage personally with the consumer in an attempt to shatter the traditional notions associated with luxury and reinterpreting them for the truly passionate. Tapping on the greater brand awareness and reach of Indian citizens today, and a shift of the 'Luxe Consciousness' from the metros to Tier II and Tier III cities, The Luxe Café is directly engaging industry experts with the readers, helping them make informed consumer choices.

The Luxe Café as envisioned by Manisha Mayur Shekhar, editorial director and founder, will bring the India’s growing numbers of brand-conscious buyers and luxury-enthusiasts in close touch with all that is happening, that is new and that comes straight through the experts from the world of luxury. In her very own words, "If you have an eye towards all that is new, a breakthrough and straight from an expert, if you appreciate luxury as an expression of innate aesthetics, if knowing better means only that which comes from the best, then The Luxe Cafe` is your space to be. With our monthly bouquet of fresh stories and features, this e-zine aims to bring to fore our research and recognition of people, places and avenues of fine living, so each month has its own flavours, highlights, discoveries. The Luxe Café, therefore, is poised to become an essential companion to those who know not only the difference between chalk and cheese but also chalk and charcuterie."

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