Sunday, 30 March 2014

Denim Reflectors









Much like many qualitative and abstract things in life, there are certain fashion trends that seem to grow on you. You know that one song you didn’t like in the beginning but its eventual replays made you love it, similarly there are certain pieces in our closets that make you cringe and ask yourself, “Do I really own this”, albeit you cannot stop styling it in your head and working out occasions where you can possibly wear them. That has pretty much been the case with these trousers. I received these in December last year courtesy Front Row Shop, and they have experienced some massive dressing room sessions. From crisp monotones to acidic neons, from subtle prints to bright ombres they’ve been introduced to many possible combinations, before they clicked well with the good lord denim.
The metallic trend’s got a whole new motto for Spring 2014 with designers (love this and this) pedaling up mirror metallic and iridescent fabrics. Once reserved for accessories and jewellery alone, this space-age inspired, playful candy-wrapper foil trend prompts a fresh sense of escapism to the always colourful spring season.

With the pants finally out of the dressing room, I can’t wait to style them with simple button-down shirts, crop tops and ethereal white kurtas. If you’ve been considering, picking up on this trend but doubted its wearability, I suggest dive in unabashed. Keep your look simple complimenting it with minimal make-up and fuss free hair and trust me it’s the shine you’ll never regret!

Wearing - 

Trousers - c/o Front Row Shop
Shirt - Ralph Lauren (here)
Peep-Toes - Mango
Haathphool - ALDO
Neck-piece - XOXO Accessories

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  1. Agree about the printed trousers! :) and you look fabulous, lady! Loving the whole look :)


  2. Wow!!!Love those pants. And grey gives such a lovely backdrop for outfit posts.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by at my blog! Love this look and your pants are gorgeous!

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  4. I love those pants! !

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  6. You look amazing:)
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  7. I like your style, pretty girl...
    kisses and hugs

  8. Those trousers are stunning! Love to pop of color in your heels as well <3

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  9. Oh my gosh, I love your pants soo much!!

  10. Those trousers look really trendy! Loved how you paired them with the pink heels - striking!

  11. LOVE those trousers & your haathpool as well.

    I can hardly see your neck-piece :)

    As always, great post with fantastic pictures.


  12. Those trousers are amazing!