Saturday, 12 October 2013

It Is Okay Being Okay






Mostly, we are believers of the extreme. We believe that there is either a certain yes or a certain no. We are preached to keep our emotions and thoughts clear and transparent - this way or that way, black or white. A middle path - the grey's, neutral's or okay's - many a times define the weak. Those who allow the clouds of ambiguity to overpower them. Those who are uncertain and incapable of choosing between an obvious yes and no, correct and incorrect, right and wrong. But is being okay, is being amidst the greys and is holding a neutral approach really wrong? I feel that the real power or sign of strength actually comes by being okay. Okay defines the state where the threshold of your acceptance for things, circumstances, situations and even thoughts is higher than the consequence off them. Okay is the state of being YOU. I feel it is always easier to choose between the correct and the incorrect, but to choose the better of the correct and worse of the incorrect, accepting it and choosing the direction of your life from that cross-point is what demands strength. Success, failures, happiness, sadness, memories and regrets are the inescapable realities of life. Acceptance of either comes from being okay and being at a place where the difference between either is dissolved. That's a state where you become fearless and confident of your thoughts, actions and self. A fearless person doesn't judge and is often rewarded with the highest karma and that is of compassion. The strength to accept things in totality, respect the perspective of others, forgive and be at peace for ones own self.

Above are the thoughts from a week of 5am walks amidst the autumn chill and wrongly timed downpour. The unexpected always spurs new beginnings. All fashion posts back soon!

Wearing - 

Dress - TrimmingsAndLace (see me do a similar outfit here) (Shop)
Clutch - Gifted
Slingbacks - Local Store (Chandigarh)
Bracelet worn as a neck-piece - Gifted (here)
Rings - Thrifted (Australia)
On my nails - O.P.I Alpine Snow

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  1. Outfit looks more comfy and pretty!! <3 :)

  2. Lovely outfit dear..and you look so calm and composedd!! :)
    I liked the way u paired with that pearl nacklace and silver clutch..

  3. I used to try and categorize everything in my life into black or white. But you can't always choose. Sometimes you have to be neutral, you have to be in-between and in a way I feel that requires a different level of maturity and understanding of oneself. Good post!

  4. Wow! loved the post on being OKAY. And yes, I totally second that it is harder to be just OKAY than choose between the right and wrong (mostly obvious). Loved your outfit too! Stumbled upon your blog through Womanatics and hope to keep coming back!

  5. i follow you,i wait you on my blog:)

  6. wow very u ship internationally also!

  7. What a lovely dress. Very elegant and polished looking!